5/25/14 – John 14:15-21 (Lynn Haven UMC) Sermon Video

  • I was invited to speak at my home church, Lynn Haven UMC, as a part of Seminarian Sunday.

4/27/14 – John 20:19-31 (Concord UMC) Sermon Audio

  • This was my final sermon at Concord. I focused on the suffering of the disciples in the days after the crucifixion and showed how the resurrection gives hope to our suffering.

3/5/14 – Ash Wednesday (Concord UMC) Sermon Audio

  • This was a short homily for an Ash Wednesday service. I experimented with using explicitly poetic language to connect the congregation with the imposition of ashes.

12/8/2013 – Revelation 5 (Concord UMC) Sermon Audio

10/20/2013 – 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:1 (Concord UMC) Sermon Audio

  • This sermon was my first attempt to teach on an Epistle. I tried to work more systematically through the text than I have done in other sermons.

8/4/2013 – Hosea 11:1-11 (Concord UMC, Eli Whitney, NC) Sermon Audio

Fall 2012 – Mark 9:30-37 (Intro Preaching Course at Duke Divinity School) Sermon Video

  • This sermon was for my Intro to Preaching Course at Duke. The assignment gave me a lectionary passage and a 12 minute time limit.

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