I just realized that I haven’t posted since January. On top of that, the last post I wrote ended with a statement that I was going to write more posts. I should really stop promising things on the internet.

I know that we aren’t supposed to talk about our fasting (Matthew 6), but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m giving myself amnesty because I’ve pretty much failed at my lenten discipline. There is no pride happening here.

This year I decided to give up music. If you know me you know that I love music, I am constantly listening to music, and I am constantly making new playlists and finding new artists. However, I found that my love for music had become a serious distraction. I could not study without music in the background. I could not drive or sit or do anything without a soundtrack. My busy and distracted mind was keeping me from focusing on important things like prayer or reflection on my life.

When I say that I failed I don’t entirely mean that I’ve given up. I am still listening to less music than I had been (I’m not listening to any music right now). But I have made a lot of concessions and given myself a lot of opportunities to put my mind at ease by listening to some of my favorite songs.

Anyway… I thought that you might find this interesting. It has been a weird experience for me. It was much harder than I could have imagined but it forced me to think about some things that I had been neglecting… like self-care and my family responsibilities.

My second year in seminary ends in 3 weeks! My time in school has flown by. But, with that said, I’m exhausted and looking forward to the next steps in life.

Grace and peace to you.