So, Judah started preschool a few weeks ago. It has been a pretty tough time of transition for him. He has been waking up in the middle of the night… a lot. Because he isn’t sleeping as well and is playing hard at school he has been consistently tired and cranky. However, when we pick him up every day he has great stories about playing and learning with his friends.


When we signed up for the preschool program, the director of the school warned us that “The three-year-old teacher is really good with the kids but isn’t that great with parents.” She was suggesting that the teacher would be hard to communicate with and possibly a bit difficult socially.

So… after a few weeks Leah and I had a discussion about what the director may have meant. Neither of us could think of a time that the teacher could have been considered difficult or bad with the parents. But we have a theory… 

The most important part of the transition from parent to classroom is the drop off. When the child goes from parent to teacher a transfer of trust occurs… it is no longer my parents that I go to for help… it is my teacher. Judah’s teacher is fantastic at that transfer. The moment we walk in the door she begins to engage him and practically ignores us.

The ignoring of the parent is the key. If the teacher acknowledges the parents, it draws the child’s attention back to the parent as well. This lack of communication can, surely, be off putting to some parents… especially those that feel the need to know every last detail of their child’s day. However, the step of ignoring the parent is important for a smooth transition from parent to teacher.