I have been working in a community garden at Concord UMC for the last two months. If you know me you know that I: 1) hate being outside when it is hot and 2) hate being dirty and itchy. Those two preferences have been crushed, and I am so happy about that.


My time at the church has been split about 50/50 between working in the garden and doing pastoral-type things. In the garden we do things like: pick bugs off of potato leaves, tie up tomato plants, turn the compost pile, prepare growing beds for new planting, and harvest lots of great fruits and vegetables. The members of the garden take home whatever they want form the harvest and the rest (about 40% of the total harvest) gets donated to a local food pantry.


In addition to the physical gardening, I have had some really great conversations with the garden members. There are so many wonderful people with incredible stories. They have shared their joys and concerns with us and we have been able to pray for each other.


On Sundays I have been able to be involved in things like reading Scripture, praying, and serving communion. I will be a part of leading the church’s Vacation Bible School this upcoming week. The other Duke intern and I have been doing some crazy amounts of arts & crafts to prepare. Also, coming up on August 4th I will have my first opportunity to preach at the church.


This has been a really wonderful experience for me. The church is lovely and the pastors that I have been serving under have been incredible.


Also… Leah and I will be starting classes at the end of August! … and Judah will be starting pre-school.


Please continue to keep us in your prayers are we navigate the next few months of preparing for the Fall semester. We could really use it!


Much love.