I am writing from the living room of my father-in-law’s home in Panama City, FL. We have been staying with Leah’s dad and his wonderful wife for a few weeks now. They have graciously allowed our family to stay with them.

At the beginning of July we moved into our new apartment in Durham. After 4 days we drove to Mississippi to visit my dad for a few days. Then, on July 8th, we arrived in Panama City.

Now, on July 31st, we are almost to the end of a month-long visit to Florida. On August 8th we are returning to Durham.

We have driven a lot over the last few months… Over 2,000 miles.

We have had a wonderful time of rest in PC. It honestly took me a week to calm down and relax so that I could enjoy myself. However, now I am catching up on some pre-seminary reading and enjoying some new records that have come out this year. We have also spent a lot of time with friends that we haven’t seen in over a year.

I hope to write more blogs once seminary gets cranked up and I start engaging my course work.

Much love to you.