Tonight we are hosting the very first meeting of our new community group! Leah and I will be leading a small handful of people through the book of Genesis over the next few months. We are so excited for the opportunity to share the home that God has blessed us with.

Heres the challenge: our very first meeting is during the Super Bowl… and we are in Boston… and everyone is a Patriots fan… I know that we will lose a few people tonight, but I think most of our friends are big enough nerds to not care about football.

Please keep us in your prayers… we are hoping to really connect with our group and see some serious spiritual growth in our community.

I also wanted to add that church was incredible this morning. We meet in the gym of the Cambridge YMCA and we have slowly started taking up more and more room in there. Today we had about 230 people, including children. 230. We had 7 people in a living room a little over a year ago.

Part of this growth has to do with something really wonderful that has happened over the last few months. Aletheia Church has merged with another church in Boston called Beacon City Church. Take a look at this video that I put together to announce the merger for more information:

Aletheia Special Announcement from Aletheia Church Boston on Vimeo.

Thank you for your love and support! Exciting things are happening here!