So, it is our first New Year’s Eve in Boston. We are having a few friends from church over and will be pounding coffee to stay awake. I honestly haven’t stayed up past midnight in probably 4 months… I’m a little nervous about passing out on the couch.

It hasn’t gotten too cold yet (relatively speaking). I got up for work one morning to find temps around 18 degrees… that is about as bad as it has been. This weekend it is a pleasant 35 to 40 degrees. Honestly, we love this kind of weather. It is cold, overcast, and gloomy. For some reason Leah and I really enjoy it.

My mom and brother came up for a visit during Christmas. I hadn’t seen them since the first week in July when I drove up to Boston in a moving truck with our friends. It was really wonderful to spend the week with them.

Things have been really wonderful at church. The church has been growing rapidly in size and depth. The internship program that I am apart of has been really helpful. I just started reading a book about church planting for the internship and am starting to pray about the option of our family pastoring a church plant. It would be a big, scary risk with lots of change… but so was moving to Boston in the first place. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, I wanted to to share a few pictures of our new apartment!