I has been a long time since I have had to apologize for not posting in so long. Usually I have the opposite problem… posting too much. 

Right now I am sitting and drinking a cup of coffee in the dining room of the apartment that we have been living in for the last 2.5 months watching the sun rise over the city of Boston. Leah and I didn’t realize that this apartment had such a fantastic view of the city until mid-November when all of the leaves fell off of the trees that sit right behind our rear window. Now we can see right through the trees into the towers of the Boston.

Yesterday we found out that this will be our last week living with the Bennett’s in this apartment. They graciously offered to let us rent out a room until we found our own place. We did find our own place… about a month ahead of schedule. If you have been keeping track of us over the last few months you know that finding a job and an apartment have been a huge, long undertaking for us. We literally started looking for places back at the start of May. For a myriad of reasons we have had to wait on getting a job or having enough savings or whatever. Things just haven’t lined up.

We are so thankful and excited about this. God’s hand has been over this entire process of waiting and we have never had to go without food or shelter… not for a moment. We have even been able to buy appropriate winter clothes, which was a fear of ours.

We will be moving into an apartment complex literally right across the street from where we have been living. It is a one bedroom apartment that is exceptionally affordable and spacious for this area. If you know anything about the Greater Boston Area and want more specifics about where we are moving, I can tell you that we live in a city called Somerville. If you know anything about Somerville and want more specifics about where we are moving, I can tell you that we live on Winter Hill.

Here is a fun fact about Winter Hill: Until a few decades ago our neighborhood was run by the Irish Mafia. Check out this Wikipedia article about The Winter Hill Gang

An extra plus about the complex that we are moving into is that our new friends Ian and Natasha are going to move into the same complex this week! They were actually the ones that gave us a heads up about vacancies in the building. Natasha is very very pregnant and they will be having a little baby boy in the new few weeks. Keep them in your prayers.

Things are going well with our church too… there is a lot of cool stuff coming up for us. I will save that for later.