First of all, I would like to say that today is mine and Leah’s fourth anniversary. I am so fortunate to have her as my wife. She is an incredible lady who is so much prettier and smarter and funnier and loving (er?) than I deserve. This is our first anniversary in Boston, obviously, and we are celebrating amidst uncertain times. However, we are celebrating none the less.

I want to share with you a little story about how we pre-gamed out anniversary celebration on Monday night.

I was laying in bed at about 8:45pm (I had to be at work at 3:30am… so I went to bed early). I was in no way ready to sleep. I decided to reach over and grab my phone to check facebook. I saw in my FB news feed that this band that I really like (Kopecky Family Band) was playing in Cambridge that very night. They were scheduled to go on at 9:45pm. So, we decided to leave the sleeping Judah with our roommates and make a last minute trip to see the band play.

This is important for a few reasons:

1) Leah and I love music. We love going to see interesting bands play. However, I can’t remember the last time that we went together to see a band play. I think it was before Judah was born, honestly.

2) Since Judah was born the spontaneity in our marriage has trickled off. That is probably true in any family where a parent loves a child enough to not jack up its schedule. The only spontaneous thing that we usually do is make a fast food run in the middle of the night.

3) Kopecky Family Band has a song that really speaks to our current life situation. It is called “God & Me”. (You can listen to it HERE) I interpret the song to be about someone following what they believe to be God’s will and getting frustrated by how difficult and crappy things turn out. I’m not sure if that is the meaning they were going for, but thats where I went with it.

I listened to this song all the time while I was living in Boston alone for a month looking for a job. I was away from my wife and son. I was jobless. I was sleeping on a couch in someone’s living room. This was the longest month of my life.

There are a few awesome lines that stick out to me:

Now it’s just God and me, playing our parts just to see who believes

To me, this lyric means that you are kind of a stalemate with God where you are waiting for Him to act or provide or do something to assure you of His love (or sometimes even existence). At the same time, it seems like God is waiting you out to see if you believe in Him enough to be patient through the difficult circumstance. He is waiting to see if you believe in Him while you are waiting to see if He believes in you.

This mess I’m in, I’m not quite sure, but it looks a lot like yours

This one is kind of straightforward. Sometimes you follow God and things get messy. It can feel like God made the mess that you are in.

So, anyway… we had a wonderful time at the show. Kopecky Family Band was incredible. If you ever get a chance to see them live I would urge you to do it. The band members were super nice, and I think a bit surprised to see someone singing along to their songs in a city that they had never played before.

It was a very nice start to Anniversary Week.