So, things are good.

I am getting settled into my new job. I am about halfway through my two months of training. Leah and Judah are still enjoying being providers of care for an adorable two-year-old named Lilly. We have been living in our current apartment with our friends Mike and Ashley for almost a month now.

We have a lot of financial catching up to do. We blew through our entire savings this summer while we were looking for jobs. We acquired a decent amount of credit card debt and got behind on a few purchases… like Massachusetts license plates and winter coats. However, we have now purchased coats and have started paying back VISA for things like gas and groceries.

We are starting to see the fog clear on the horizon. We can almost see stability in the distance. Stability is a friend that we will welcome with open arms.

I also wanted to let you know that I have started a pastoral internship program at our church. I will be alongside three other guys as we serve as interns for Aletheia Boston. The goal of the program is to sort out what our call into ministry is. The is this weird thought in the back of my mind that I may just want to be a pastor one day. We’ll see…

So, the church has been growing a lot… like a lot a lot. When I started attending back in July we were averaging about 70 people per Sunday. In the last month we have been in between 90 and 120 every week. This is partly due to a connection we have made with the Harvard campus ministry group. The church launched in January… and it is already averaging an attendance of 100… that is serious growth for an evangelical church plant in Cambridge.

Pray for the church and its leaders. Pray for our family and our spirits. We have been feeling kind of gloomy over the last few weeks because of the tough finances and continual transition. Pray for me as I begin to test out my call into ministry.

Much love to everyone.