So, I know that I came off really ungrateful in my last blog post. I am very thankful to have work and to be able to live in Boston. Yes, the work is undesirable, but it is work and a lot of people did me a lot of favors so that I could get this job. I believe that this is where I am supposed to be right now. Sorry for that.

I’m hoping to take the ridiculously humbling nature of my job and laugh at it a bit. I want to share particularly disgusting or funny occurrences or observations in the hopes of being cathartic while making you laugh a little too. So, here goes…

I have cleaned a lot of bathrooms in the last month. I have cleaned bathrooms in grocery stores, gas stations, truck stops, restaurants, hotels, and lots of other places. The most disgusting bathroom that I have cleaned was in a municipal sanitation truck depot. Let me be a little more direct: I cleaned the bathroom where garbage men come in from their day and clean themselves off.

What is even better is the fact that this was the very first bathroom that I cleaned on my first day. My very first experience with my new job involved scrubbing black grime off the floor that was tracked in on the bottom of a garbage man’s boots. Can you see why this job was so traumatizing for me?

99% of my work is in relatively-clean bathrooms in businesses where having a clean bathroom is important. I mean, they pay someone once or twice per month to come in and sanitize the place so they value cleanliness. I just love the fact that the worst place I have cleaned was also the first one. It is almost like God was giving me a clear acknowledgement: “you are going to hate this, but I want you here.”

Oddly enough, the second most disgusting bathroom was in a Whole Foods grocery store.

Next week I am going to clean a bathroom in a seafood processing plant in Gloucester, so that one may become our new champion.