I have a lot of really good news to share.

First of all, as you have probably read on Facebook or Twitter, I have a job. I finally have a job. After 6 months of applying, 400+ applications, and 17 different interviews I have a job. I got a job at a company called Cintas. I will be starting in the next two weeks. The big question I keep getting is “What are you going to do there?” I will try to give you the best answer I possibly can.

Cintas is known as a uniform delivery company. Really big companies rent uniforms from Cintas for their employees. Cintas picks these uniforms up, lauders them, and delivers them once they are clean. In the last 10 years their company has expanded a lot to include a lot of different commercial business-related services. They do everything from stocking paper towels to cleaning carpets to selling first-aid kits. One of their most recent additions is a department that services air-conditioning units in hotels. That is the department I will be training in. I will learning about servicing air conditioners, especially in cleaning the coils inside of them.

You probably don’t naturally see me doing work like this. I didn’t either. However, I am really looking forward to doing work that is a little more physical and mechanical than I am used to. I am hoping to start doing a Master’s Degree online in the Spring. This job will be a perfect outlet for me to keep steady employment while working on my degree. I will be able to listen to lectures while I am commuting (30 to 45 minutes each way to work) and think about the concepts that I am learning about while I am doing repetitive work throughout the day.

So here is the second bit of exciting news: Leah got a job too! I applied to over 400 jobs before I got a job. Leah applied to 5. It’s pretty easy to see who married up. We found out about her job today…. about 24 hours after I got my job offer.

She will be working as a nanny in the home of two art professors who live in Cambridge. They have a little girl that is a few months older than Judah. A few days every week she and Judah will go over and play with her. How awesome is that? She will get paid to watch Judah! We wont have to pay for childcare!

So, now we are trying to figure out our housing situation. We can’t afford the fees that go along with renting a place of our own yet because our savings is pretty much gone. We will have to pay for the first/last month’s rent and realtor’s fees. That will come out to around $4,000. We are currently staying with our friends John and Jenny, who have graciously offered to let us stay as long as we need to. However, we are hoping to find a place with a little bit more space so that we can make our selves at home a little more while we save the money for our own place.

Please pray for the right short term and long term solutions.

I know that I will have a lot of reflections on the topic of waiting for God and then receiving what you are waiting for. I will save those for later.

Glory to God.