I haven’t even thought about this blog for a more than a week… and I have a good reason.

Last Thursday afternoon Leah and Judah flew in from Panama City to stay with me in Boston. A very dear friend offered to let us stay in his family’s home while they were out of town. This has honestly been the shortest week that I have experienced in a long time. The last month has inched by dreadfully slow. All of the sudden my family shows up on a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore and the speed at which my life passes doubled.

Today (Thursday) I had an interview with Bank of America for a Sales and Services position. I know what you are thinking. “Thomas?! Working at a bank!?” Yes, its true. After a series of phone interviews and a mathematics aptitude test (which, surprising to me, I passed) I went to the regional Bank of America headquarters in Waltham donning a business suit and a fancy binder to hold my resumes (which I purchased specifically for this interview). It went surprisingly well. I should know if I move to the next level Friday or Monday.

Fun Fact: this is the 10th interview that I have had in the last 3 months.

I had a different interview on Wednesday with a company called Cintas. I interviewed with them for a different position a few months ago. This interview went much much better than the previous one.

If I have talked to you over the last few weeks you have probably heard me mention deadlines and cutoff dates for when we will give up and move back to Panama City.  I have gone through about 3 of them now. Every time I set a cut off date (i.e. “If I don’t have a job by August 5th I will move back home”) I have had to push it back for different reasons.

I had one set for last week, August 12 to be exact. On August 8th I went into a job interview expecting to hear back from it immediately.  They told me that they would “let me know in a few weeks”. Hearing that was almost more heartbreaking than not getting the job would have been. I don’t want to wait any longer… I want answers. So, because my failure was postponed we decided that it would be best to fly Leah and Judah up here.  We really needed to be together. Right now we have a place to stay until next Tuesday, August 23rd. After that we will have to re-evaluate and figure out what is going on. After that, who knows?

So, that is the update. Keep us in your prayers.

One more thing… 3 people in our church have received jobs in the last 2 weeks. It wasn’t the full 15 that I was praying for, but I definitely count this as a win.

And one more more thing… an art student named Sam came to faith last night at our weekly Life  & Doctrine class. Pray for him as his life has completely changed.