It is Friday, July 1. I am about to leave Boston to head back to Panama City for a few days. I had 3 in-person interviews this week. I know for sure that I did not get one of the jobs, which is ok. I honestly didn’t feel right about that one… I feel good about not getting it. I am waiting to hear back from the 2 other jobs.

While I was up there I had a phone interview with a web-based lifestyle magazine that is owned by NBC. They are looking for video content producers in Boston. I am going in on Monday, July 11th to do a trial run with them.

On Wednesday, July 6th I will be driving a moving truck with my friend John to Boston. John and his wife already have a house, so we are going to store our things with them until I figure out the job and housing. I will stay in Boston with John indefinitely… pretty much until I have a place for us to live. Then, after I get that sorted out, I will fly back home and move Leah and Judah up here.

So… that is the plan.

This is going to be a long month… just like last one was… and the one before that.