I resigned from my overnight job at the TV station last week. I gave a month’s worth of notice. My last day is April 30th.

With almost every job I have ever had, I give at least a 4 week notice before leaving (at the church I gave a 14 month notice). Time and time again I have seen that the customary 2 week notice is usually not enough time for the company to sufficiently find a replacement and train them. It usually takes at least 2 weeks to find a replacement and then it takes at least 2 weeks to train them. That is why I give a 4 week notice.

There are definitely drawbacks to putting in that much notice. When you put in 4 weeks of notice you have to deal with being called “short-timer” and “quitter” for twice as long.

You also have to combat the uncontrollable apathy that sets in the moment that you put in your resignation for twice as long. I can’t tell you how hard it is to leave my house at 10:55pm with the knowledge that I’m not going to keep this job for much longer.