Since my last post was so depressing I decided to quickly follow it up with something lighter. I wanted to share with you some thoughts on two books that I am currently reading.

“The Wise Woman” by George MacDonald

Like most Christians, I first heard of George MacDonald as a character in C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”. Apparently MacDonald’s writing created a significant impact on Lewis’ life. A friend of mine mentioned that he had recently finished “The Wise Woman” and that it was incredible… so I decided to try it. So far it is a really pleasant story that has, within only a handful of chapters, really challenged my perceptions of what a good person is.

“Girl Meets God” by Lauren F. Winner

I desperately want to make a joke about how this book is “Blue Like Jazz” for girls, but I can already hear my wife calling me sexist. The reason I would make that assertion is because it is written from the same kind of post-religious Christian perspective that is obnoxiously cynical of evangelical culture in a way that I have grown exhausted from listening to. However, a quick glance inside the front cover shows me that this book was written in 2002 (one year BEFORE “Blue Like Jazz”). That puts Winner’s cynicism in perspective.

“Girl Meets God” is a light read about a girl that grew up Jewish and eventually became a Christian. She struggles with the traditions she was raised in and comes to understand a relationship with God that is far more personal than Judaism ever allowed. I really like reading about her interpretations of Christianity. She has a perspective of the Torah that is far less like an ancient text of laws and questionable history and much more like it is a close, intimate friend.

So far I really like it.