I’ve been reading Tim Keller’s The Reason for God. I wanted to share a quick thought with you. Keller is talking about the social consequences of sin. Now, I know what you are thinking when you hear the phrase “the social consequences of sin”. It probably reminds you of Pat Robertson blaming every disaster on homosexuality (at least that’s where my mind went). However, Keller shares a profound idea from Jonathan Edwards’ book The Nature of True Virtue:

He (Edwards) argues that human society is deeply fragmented when anything but God is our highest love. If our highest goal in life is the good of our family, then, says Edwards, we will tend to care less for other families. If our highest goal is the good of our nation, tribe, or race, then we will tend to be racist or nationalistic. If our ultimate goal in life is our own individual happiness, then we will put our own economic and power interested ahead of those of others.