For people who were underwhelmed or disappointed with the LOST finale, I want to offer this tidbit.

The TV station where I work shows episodes of According to Jim in syndication. It is probably one of the worst shows that have ever aired on primetime TV. Last night we aired the series finale of According to Jim. It was so much incredibly worst than LOST could have ever been.

The final episode of LOST could have been nothing but an hour of Hurley eating fried chicken alone in his living room and would have still been better than the finale of According to Jim.

I know what you are thinking: comparing LOST and According to Jim is like comparing an apple and a steaming pile of dog crap. I get that this isn’t a fair comparison. But I want to make a point here

In the last episode of According to Jim, Jim Belushi’s character (conveniently named “Jim”) chokes on something and goes into a near-death experience. In this experience, he finds himself in heaven at a trial in which God (played by Lee Majors) is the judge and the devil (Erik Estrada) is the prosecutor who is trying to convince God to send Jim to hell. Here’s a clip:

In the end God sends Jim back to earth to give life another shot and to get his life back on track.

The end

That is seriously how According to Jim came to an end.

I would take the creepy, confusing, new-age church finale of LOST to that any day.

Here is the point to this comparison: When we enjoy good art we set our standards very high. We expect constant greatness out of artists that have been great in the past. However, we need to get realistic. All artists will not always create great art. Sometimes they make something that lets us down or disappoints us. However, we can’t let one disappointment get in the way of an entire body of fantastic work.

Don’t waste your time complaining about how bad the finale of LOST is when you have an entire series of great storyline to look back on fondly. Don’t let the finale ruin the entire show for you.

After all, LOST could have ended in a heavenly court room with Erik Estrada playing the devil.