Note: I know that the Christians cursing discussion goes back a few years… this post is nothing revolutionary. I’ve just been thinking about this recently and it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I don’t know a whole lot about the missional church… which is a shame because I’m going to be a part of one in 6 months. I’ve been doing some reading and listening to try to get a feel for it. I want to have a knack for the outreach model that the missional church embraces before I jump in full force.

One thing I know about the missional movement is that it encourages Christians to go out into their community and engage people where they are. This is why a lot of missional types hang out in bars. As a beer lover I’m totally cool with embracing this element. However, there is another part of engaging culture that makes me feel uncomfortable… the practice of intentionally cursing.

It bugs me when Christians intentionally curse. You can tell when they do it. You can tell when someone curses to just make a point. How can you tell that this curse was intentional? They get this slight twinkle in their eye after they deliver the “potty word”. The twinkle is the product of them looking to see what your reaction to their curse was. The twinkle is them saying to themselves “Is he offended or does he think I’m cool? Either reaction works.” It’s the same look a 12 year old gets when he learns the other word for “crap”.  

So, what is this point that they are trying to ineloquently make? They want you to know that Christian culture has made a big deal out of cursing and that it is actually not a big deal. They want you to know that they are edgy enough to reject the formality of Christian lingo.

I’m getting embarrassed just explaining this.

Of course, the big joke in all of this is that the people who are cursing are actually making a bigger deal out of the “curse words” by saying them than by not saying them.

I don’t care if people curse. I do it from time to time (especially when I’m by myself). However, cursing just to curse has the opposite effect that you seeking. Rather than making people think that you are a “cool, relatable Christian that curses” you are actually putting off the vibe of “this guy wants me to think he’s cool so he’s acting like an awkward mess.”

Be yourself… people will like you more.