I’ve been working at a TV station doing overnight master control for almost 6 months now. This job is unlike any job I’ve ever had before. It’s extremely easy, I have almost no supervision, and I have an unbelievable amount of down time.

On weekdays there is one other person here overnight. She is the producer for the morning news show. She is 22. I am 24. So, for the 3 hours that we are alone… I am the oldest person at a fully-functioning TV station. That means that if something crazy goes down (earthquake, fire, zombie apocalypse) I am the mature adult.

I have never been the oldest person in a workplace before. There has always been an older adult that I could trust to be the supervisor. This means two things:

The management of this TV station is crazy enough to trust me to handle a chaos situation.

More importantly, though…

I am getting to the place in my life where people who are younger or less experienced put real faith in me to make decisions.

That is scary… but it had to happen eventually.