I’m living in a theological tension right now.

I’m learning a lot about what I believe about God. I’ve had a diverse grouping of spiritual mentors in my life. I have a lot of different influences. I’ve had Intellectual Calvinists, Intellectual Open-Theists, Charismatic Calivinists, Straight Up Wesleyan Methodists, Charismatic Open-Theists and Arminians over-compensating for past legalism all hold a place of spiritual esteem in my life. I hold them all in high regards. I have learned a lot from all of them.

However, with such a great diversity, I find it quite hard to sort out what I believe about God. I’m really struggling to get my head around some of this stuff right now. I’m trying to read from a diversity of authors. I’m trying to keep an open mind while still holding onto my core truths.

One particular area that I’m having trouble with is disagreeing with people who know a lot more about the Bible than I do. I say to myself “Who am I to disagree with people who have serious Biblical training?” It’s really frustrating. In the midst of this struggle I’m reminded that Martin Luther wanted the Bible to be read and understood by the common German peasant. I feel like this whole thing should be simpler…

Anyway, pray for me as I’m sorting this junk out. Maybe one day I can be one of those guys who champions a particular theology and thinks that everyone else is stupid or mean.