So, I’m an iPhone user now. I have been for about a week. I’ve had a secret longing for an iPhone for about two years. I’ve always just told myself that I couldn’t afford one and that I will probably get one about the time that they are as obsolete as a car phone in a bag. But no, I have an iPhone now. I really like it.

I’ve had this weird undercurrent of emotion accompanying my purchase of an iPhone. This was a big decision for me. There were a lot of elements to consider. First of all, I had to figure out if I could afford it. We are saving up to move to Boston so money isn’t something I really want to waste right now.

Secondly, I worried that my wife would become envious of my phone. She has always talked about how much she wants an iPhone too. I was worried that she would feel left out or feel like I treated her as less important than me because she had to stick with her regular old phone. She did nothing at all to encourage these fears… it was just a weird neurosis that picked at me.

Then there was one more concern. Does buying something that I have desired for years mean that I am giving into materialism and jealousy? Is an iPhone my version of a cool car or expensive clothes? Am I using it to validate me and make me feel good? This one has really bothered me.

Having the phone has proved to be a very useful tool. I absolutely love using it. I just don’t want to become a jerk with a fancy phone that can never seem to find contentment in products. I don’t want to have a realization in 5 years that I have $30,000 worth of Apple products and a ferocious longing for something more.

I over-think things.