NOTE: This blog post is a big of a mind dump from a sermon I just listened to. It may not make a ton of sense.

3 years ago I would not have listened to Perry Noble for more than 5 minutes. I would have heard his heavy Southern accent and cheesy jokes about guns and football and shut him off. That’s because I grew up in the South and those things went hand-in-hand with a community of men that I was always isolated from. I never really fit into those circles. Fortunately I’ve grown up a little bit in the last 3 years… because Perry Noble is a pretty killer preacher. I just listened to a message he spoke to men about marriage.

Let me say something about my marriage really quick.

My marriage is the most important thing on this earth. My marriage is an incredible source of strength. My wife is the most important part of who I am. She is what keeps me grounded. I am so ridiculously lucky to have such a wonderful partner in the struggle of life. Nurturing and building your marriage is the foundation for being a strong individual. If your marriage is a source of strength and comfort and rest, you always have something to draw from. If your home life is a wreck, it is just another drain on you.

Perry Noble’s message focused on Ephesians 5:25 where Jesus calls men to “Love your wives as Christ loved the church”.

1) The church has been completely jacked up and crazy for 2,000 years. Evidence? Televangelists, the Crusades, The Inquisition, the Protestant/Catholic wars all over the world. Jesus STILL LOVES THE CHURCH.

2) Jesus died for the church. We need to be willing to let our wives win petty arguments. Letting your wife be right is nothing compared to the cross that Jesus bore. We need to be willing to take our love for our family to the grave.

3) Husbands are accountable for the family. When Eve accepted the fruit after temptation from the serpent, God came looking for Adam. It is not our pastor’s job to pray for and with our families. Noble admitted:

“The most awkward thing I do spiritually is pray with my family.”

That was really encouraging for me. I always feel bad because I get weird when I pray with Leah and Judah. That’s ok. However, we need to get past it.

4) We need to honor our wives through the words we speak to and about them. Don’t complain about your wife to other people. Our wife might be crazy, but we are to love and submit our desires to them. Noble then said:

“Constantly be a student of your wife.”

If we are constantly trying to learn more about our wives, we will always be showing her how much we love her.