I started reading “Love is the Measure: The Biography of Dorothy Day” about a year and a half ago. I just picked it up to finish it. Leah read this book back in a college class called “Christian Tradition”. I just came to a section that Leah had underlined when she was reading this book for college. I was stunned at how something she underlined four years ago was so applicable to our life right now:

“Suppose”, Father Roy said, “you want to go to California and it costs a hundred dollars. You have fifteen. It is not enough. So give it away. Give it to the poor. Then you suddenly have twenty-five, and that is not enough and so the only thing to do is to give it away too. Even seventy-five. That is not enough. Tell the LORD you need more. Throw it away recklessly. You will get it back a hundredfold. Maybe it will cover your spiritual needs, and not just your physical. But sow, sow! And as you sow, so shall you reap. He who sows sparingly, reaps sparingly.

And what if you never get the hundred? Then stay where you are. The good LORD knows what you need. Maybe you should not go to California!”

I’ve been learning a lot recently about generosity. I listened to a really great sermon last week from Mark Driscoll about how anxiety is connected to your priorities and that how you spend your money is a reflection of what your priorities are. He suggested that being generous with your money is the best way to submit yourself to God’s will.

This underlined passage really confirmed something in me about our life: we need to trust God with our money a lot more than we are.