In case you’ve missed the news, our family is moving to Boston in June 2011 to be a part of a church plant. You can read about our decision to move there HERE.

Here are a few reasons that Boston is going to be an awesome place to live:

  • Boston has a MLS team: the New England Revolution
  • Boston is the same distance to Montreal that Panama City is to Atlanta
  • Just look at the upcoming concerts at the (Paradise Rock Club)
  • Boston is not New York
  • My beard will become a necessary provider of warmth… not just an itchy accessory
  • We could vacation in Maine if we wanted to
  • The Celtics
  • History… everywhere
  • I get to dress my baby up in snow-day outfits
  • Just look at the upcoming concerts at the (Orpheum Theater Boston)
  • The Bruins. There is this sport in Boston called hockey. Apparently its kinda like soccer except way more violent… and its played while skating on ice!
  • My wife gets to buy a whole new wardrobe out of necessity… and I can’t argue with her because its going to be stinking cold
  • There are a TON of colleges in Boston, which means that we are going to have the opportunity to go to a ton of really interesting events
  • Cape Cod is only an hour away. I don’t know anything about Cape Cod. I honestly wasn’t sure that it was a real place… but now I can go there!