At our CD Release Show on Saturday night, the band that I’m in (Save the Ship) announced that we will soon be breaking up. After 4 years of being in a band, we will play our last show on August 20th at Beach Vineyard Church in Panama City Beach.

While talking with a few fellow band members, I starting thinking about why we are all such good friends.

Immediately the Michael W Smith song “Friends” pops into my head. In case you aren’t familiar with the tune (where have you been for the last 25 years?), here is a taste:

We have been extremely close with fellow band members for the last 4 years. Even though members have come and gone, we’ve always loved each other and stood beside each other. We’ve always confided in each other and shared in everything. These people have been my small group. These people have been my church. They have been my accountability. The thing that solidified our friendship, though, was dealing with disasters together.

Save the Ship has weathered many storms (sorry, I couldn’t help it). We have seen the absolute worst in each other. We have seen each other fail miserably as humans. We have fought for each others’ marriages. We have held each other through despair.

This is how true friendships are formed.