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The new generation of adults (those currently 18 to 30ish) grew up in a society in which the divorce rate grew faster than in any other time in history. Everyone knows someone who’s parents are divorced. We are, as a majority, a generation that is a product of broken homes. Logically, it would only make sense that our generation of single parents and weekend visitation would exponentially increase this already oppressive problem in our society.

But I have hope for our generation. I think that we could just as easily make a positive change to the 50% divorce rate. Obviously the title of this post is hyperbole. I don’t actually expect divorce to completely end. But I do think that we could make a change.

There is a natural tendency for the older generations to look at younger generations with pessimism. However, children learn from their parents. Yes they learn their bad habits. But they learn from their mistakes too. I think that just as many people of our generation could  see their prodigal fathers and mothers and make good decisions based on their bad ones.

I see it in my friends. I see people who are overwhelmed with joy as they look at the prospect of having children. I see it in young men that stand next to adulterous wives. I see it in women who forgive their husbands transgressions because they love them enough to make it work and make a change. I see young couples who are willing to do the work that it takes to have a strong marriage.

But I also see the opposite end of the spectrum.

I see other friends who are scared about getting married or having kids. They don’t want to have a family. They know that they are selfish. They don’t want to mess up a child.

I honestly believe that the divorce rate could go down over the next 10 years. We can change the culture.