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This weekend we took Judah up to Birmingham to pick up my brother and visit my uncle Bill, who is quite sick. He is living in the UAB Townhouses while he waits for a lung transplant. His wife, Jackie, is legally blind and has lived that way for most of her life. Please keep them in your prayers… they are going through a really difficult time right now.

From this situation arose a particularly adorable story that I wanted to share.

Since Jackie is blind, she has lived much of her life holding onto Bill’s arm as he guides her. Otherwise she walks with a cane. However, since Bill has been sick he has been bound to a wheelchair or a walker. He has serious breathing problems and goes through a large amount of oxygen. This means that he can’t guide his wife anymore.

But they have learned to work together.

When they need to go out into the city, Jackie pushes Bill in his wheelchair. Bill tells her where to go. He is her eyes from the seat. When come to an intersection, Bill tells her to wait. When they have the right of way in the crosswalk, Bill tells her to go. When they are approaching a pole, Bill says to go to the left. Just picture it for a second… a man hooked to oxygen in a wheelchair being pushed by a blind woman with a cane. Amazing.

This is some of the most incredible teamwork I’ve ever heard of.