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I got really into collecting vinyl when I was about 17. My girlfriend (now wife) got me a record player for Christmas. She then told me that her grandmother had died about 30 seconds later. It was very sweet of her to let me enjoy my gift for a few moments before I had to blanket her in hugs… but It was a little awkward. That record player, unlike our love, eventually died.

About 6 months ago, we came across a working record player and speakers at a local Goodwill for $40. Naturally I bought it. With overwhelming excitement, I brought the player home and began to pull out my records from high school and give them a listen. Then I realized something…

I listened to a lot of really terrible music in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I can still give Bad Religion’s “A Recipe For Hate” or “Out of Step” by Minor Threat a nostalgic turn on the table and sing along to every word. I can even appreciate said band’s impact on the music community. But I’m just not that into them anymore.

I found myself only listening to Pedro The Lion’s “Control” and a Cool Hand Luke single of “Rest for the Weary”.

I finally got around to buying a few new albums… this is what I’ve come up with:

When Vinyl Fever in Tallahassee closed down (RIP), I picked up “A Thousand Sharks teeth” by My Brightest Diamond. When I went to Atlanta for LessConf in May, I went to Criminal Records and got “Heartland” by Owen Pallett (seen to the left).

Then for Father’s Day, Leah got me another incredible record: “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” by Frightened Rabbit.  Best wife ever? I think so.

The point of all of this is just to share my excitement about a re-kindled hobby… but also to brag because I’ve got an awesome wife and awesome records.