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I originally intended to post this as part of my previous blog post about the World Cup. I think that it warranted it’s own blog post.

I was blown away by ESPN’s promo videos for the World Cup 2010. Video after video found a creative way to express the fact that the World Cup was more than just a soccer tournament. The international implications of the Cup are so much deeper and more intense than something like The World Series or The Super Bowl. ESPN capitalized on this fact and created commercials that will communicate to a global audience.

The first ad that I saw talked about the South African struggle to develop a soccer team. It told a story about a soccer team that formed in the political prisons during apartheid that later became the South African national team.

This next ad goes through many universal problems that the world deals with. In the end, it communicates that the World Cup is the only thing that bridges our differences across a global level.

This one talks about the sacredness of the #10 in soccer and how teams from all over the world give their best player the #10 jersey.

This last one is a bit silly…