Note: Parts of this blog post are influenced by the writings of Christian Lander on the blog Stuff White People Like.

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m on the World Cup bandwagon. I don’t really follow soccer during the year. I don’t have a favorite MLS team (the closest one is in Houston, TX). I don’t know the stats of the Premiere League clubs. However, I’m totally amped up for the World Cup. The reason?

In 2006 Leah and I (dating at the time) both did a study abroad semester in London. It turned out that we were in Europe right in the middle of the World Cup. It was a huge deal.

We did a bit of traveling while we were there and everywhere we went, there were masses of people watching the matches, cheering on their national team, and drinking beer.

Since our return to the United State 4 years ago, we have both been anticipating the arrival of the 2010 South African World Cup.

Since I’m an American and soccer isn’t our strong suit, I had to come up with some personal guidelines on who to cheer for during the Cup. What do I do if  (when) USA gets knocked out and I still want to watch the games? Here is what I came up with:

1. Go for USA until they get eliminated.

2. When the USA inevitably gets eliminated, I will go for England. I think that I am influenced by a subconscious Motherland complex.

3. If England or the USA is not playing, I will go for the country with the worst social or governmental oppression. Under these guidelines African countries will always win out.

4. Never go for Brazil… under any circumstances. They are too good and their fans are obnoxious.

Now let me give you some hypothetical scenarios…

England v. Cameroon – Go for England, because blood is thicker than white guilt.

South Africa v. Argentina – Go for South Africa, Even though Che Guevarra is a native Argentine, Apartheid is a trump card.

Albania v. North Korea – That’s a toss up… Let’s hope that is doesn’t come down to that.