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I really like my son, Judah. Seriously. Just look at him. He’s freaking adorable.

I was talking to my friend Colin back on Memorial Day. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and we got together for about 45 minutes while I was briefly in Gainesville visiting some of Leah’s family. One of the things that came up in discussion, of course, was the fact that I had been a father for 6 months.

After telling Colin how stoked I was on having a baby, he informed me that he and his girlfriend had decided that they planned to never have kids. I totally respect their decision… especially because it has absolutely nothing to do with me. But it got me thinking… Why do I love being a dad so much?

Colin mentioned that one reason that they chose to never have children was that they had just been to Germany and that everyone that they saw with children looked miserable. I don’t doubt it. Why would you take kids to a foreign country, anyway? I was stressed out enough just being in Europe with Leah (who I am madly in love with).

It really made me realize that when you break it down practically, having children is completely illogical. Why would someone give up their freedom to do whatever they want to in order to give all of their attention to someone completely helpless? Fortunately for me (and especially for Judah) there is a positive answer that exceeds the boundaries and constraints of logic.

Having a child is exceedingly fulfilling. If you really own parenthood (and by that I mean actively being a part of your child’s life), you get to be a part of something bigger than you… something more important than you. It is your responsibility to take this new life and be the primary influence on their upbringing. Yes, that sounds terrifying… it is. But looking at your child and knowing that they are alive because you cared enough to stay up late feeding them and tirelessly tending to their every need gives you an unreal sense of worth.

It’s really hard to put it into words… trust me?