So, Judah is 7 weeks old now. He’s very healthy and sleeps quite well, especially considering his age. We have actually had 8 hours of sleep a couple of times. The last time that we went to see Dr. Azam, she said that he was in the 70th percentile of weight and 90th percentile of height. Apparently he’s going to be huge. That makes sense considering that he eats a ton. Our next appointment is in two weeks.

We had some family portraits taken right before Christmas with Patrick Engman at Injoy Studios. Judah is rocking the fox outfit that Grandma Cathy got him.

Leah is doing well too. She started back to work last week. She is still a little sore from the cesarean, but we expected that. We’ve been trying to adjust to leaving Judah in the nursery at church while she works. It’s scary to think about taking him to pre-school in just a few years. She’s also been preparing a baby shower for her best friend, Dayle, who has a baby boy due in March.

If everything goes well, I plan on starting to work at the Fresh Ink Think Tank that opens in February. I will have my video production company, Neighborhood Production Group based there. The Think Tank will be a co-working facility in downtown Panama City. This will be a great opportunity for me to network and brainstorm in an environment of creative people. I’ve also been working hard at my music blog, The All Night Eatery. Traffic has been picking up significantly and I have started getting a decent amount of feedback on my posts.