The nurses explained to us that if Leah was exhausted, she wouldn’t be able to push when it came time to deliver. In order to rest, she finally got an epidural around 2:00pm. We had been at the hospital for over 13 hours. She then took a much needed nap. By about 3:45pm Dr. Simpson checked the baby again. He had only slightly dropped and Leah was up to 4cm dilated. Dr. Simpson told us that we could either wait a couple of hours to see if the baby would drop any more or go ahead and get a Cesarean. He told us that even if we waited those few hours, we would probably have to have a Cesarean anyway. We prayed about it and felt reassured that going the surgical route was the right plan for us.

At about 4:15pm they began to prep Leah for surgery. I anxiously waited outside of the operating room. After about 20 minutes, they finally let me in to be with her. I sat next to her head during the operation. After the longest 5 minutes of my life, the doctor said “look at that full head of dark hair!”. Then, we heard Judah cry as he took his first breaths. The nurses guided me around the perimeter of the room to the small heated table where my screaming, goo-covered son was laying.

Judah weighed 7lbs, 12.5oz and was 21 inches long. Then Leah got to meet Judah for the first time. (follow link for video)