I’ve been meaning to post a synopsis of our experience at the hospital during Judah’s delivery.

At about 12am  on Thursday, November 19 Leah and I were sitting on the couch trying to find something to watch on TV. Leah had just started snacking on a leftover calzone. All of the sudden she exclaimed “There is something wet on my leg!” She jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I quickly ran into the laundry to finish packing her suitcase, which had only partially been prepared. She called the night nurse from the doctor’s office who told her that yes, we should go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital aroudn 12:30am. They put Leah into a triage where she stayed for about two and a half hours. A very sweet and helpful nurse named Jill confirmed that her water had, in fact, broken. Since her water had broken, they had to begin inducing labor so that Leah and the baby wouldn’t get an infection. At around 3am we were admitted to a labor and delivery room. At 3:30am the doctors begin giving Leah Pitocin through an IV to induce labor. At around 4:30am she went into labor and began having regular contractions.  Leah had contractions for four hours (until 8:30am) before she took any medication. She was given a light dose of IV medication to take off the edge off the pain. Dr. Simpson checked the baby and found that he has not dropped at all. Leah had dilated to 2cm. We waited…