Here it is.

When I first started reviewing albums again, I thought that it would just be something fun that I did every now and then. However, I’ve started doing it a lot and have really liked it. I’ve realized that my personal blog has become a music blog and that if I wanted to post something about my life here, it would seem out of place. I just so happen to have my first child on the way and I know that I will be posting all sorts of silly stuff about him here. For that reason, I’ve decided to move all of my music reviews and news over to a new blog.

If you have known me for a while, you remember that I used to write reviews for a website called The All Night Eatery. I decided to revive that name for this blog. You can find that blog here: The All Night Eatery.

Please update your bookmarks, RSS Feeds, etc. accordingly.

Much love.