As I said yesterday, my favorite speaker at LessConf was Gary Vaynerchuk, host of Though he comes off as a Jersey D-Bag on his show, he was a very like-able speaker.

Gary was born in Belarus and grew up in a poor immigrant family. He always had a knack for making money and has childhood memories of stealing flowers out of peoples’ front yards and trying to sell them to them at their door. He started a few years back when he decided that he wanted to capitalize on his passion for wine. For 18 months he did his wine show with no steady viewership. Then something incredible happened… people started watching.

Gary attributes a lot of his success to the golden age of opportunity that the internet has provided us with. He believes that for the first time in history people can actually make money doing what they want to, thanks to the newest evolution of the internet. All that he needed to be successful was a $300 video camera and patience.