Many of the speakers at LessConf talked over my head and imparted little to me. That is, by no means, their fault. I did, however, take a little bit from a few different presenters. Mike McDerment from Freshbooks talked about how competition is the least of his worries. He doesn’t pay attention to what other companies are doing. He just makes programs that he likes and enjoys his job. David Hauser from talked about making your business stand out and reinforced the idea that customer service is priority #1 for any company. Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, talked about diversifying your profit models and making sure that you have plans for income when technology renders one of your sources obsolete.

My favorite speaker at LessConf was Gary Vaynerchuk, host of I think that I appreciated him the most because his talk wasn’t heavy in technical discussion. His message was straight forward: Take advantage of the internet to do what you love. He was entertaining (as you would know by watching his wine show) and communicated clearly. He even called a very polite gentleman a “dickface”. I will talk more about Gary’s talk tomorrow.