I got back from shooting video of LessConf on Saturday night. I took Sunday off to spend time with my wife and get over a cold.

The conference was an interesting experience for me. I was in the middle of a world that I was completely unfamiliar with. For two days, I was surrounded by nerds. I’m not talking about interesting nerds who are simply introverted or mysterious (“I love how he listens to bands I’ve never heard of and writes nonsense poetry”). I’m talking about 28 year-olds that live with their parents and write code for software and web apps for days at a time (“I love how he developed that great new system using Ruby on Rails and doesn’t shower”). As fun as that sounds, it was actually a bit of a culture shock for me.

The conference featured several speakers that in some way had succeeded in making it “big” in the world of internet technology. Many of them spoke about things that went completely over my head. However, they all offered ideas that I could translate into  layman’s terms and apply to my life. Over the next few days I will talk about what I loved about LessConf and why I can’t wait to go to the one next year.