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Leah and I just got home from a weekend trip to Tallahassee. We went to all of our favorite spots from college (Vinyl Fever, The Coffee Pub [now The Red Eye], Avant Garb, The Leon Pub) and checked out a great new beer-lover’s bar called Fermentation Lounge. They have tons of craft beers available in a relaxed, smoke-free atmosphere. My beer pick for the weekend was the Gaelic Ale from North Carolina’s Highland Brewing Company. For the record, my pregnant wife did not drink any beer… we love our child.

This afternoon we went to our favorite theatre, The Miracle 5, and saw Sunshine Cleaning starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, and Alan Arkin. Judging by the title and the trailer, I was hoping for something tragically funny but still pleasant (the word association for “sunshine” naturally took me to Little Miss Sunshine, which also had Alan Arkin). The film was fantastic, but horrendously depressing. I would definitely recommend it, but make sure that you are prepared. Do not go to see this movie if you have any desire to smile for the following 2 hours.

We got home to our newest Netflix arrival, Man on Wire. This film won the 2009 Oscar for Best-Documentary Feature. It is the story of a Frenchman who is obsessed with daring tight-rope walking stunts. He spent most of his life preparing to attempt to walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center. The story is very well told with interviews, well-constructed dramatizations, and archival footage. It is very entertaining and dramatic. This is a movie for people who generally find themselves bored by the notion of watching documentaries.